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Originating from public research, Genepredict is a French company specializing in the development of genetic predisposition testing.
Genepredict was founded on the results of 15 years of research at the Centre de Recherche Sur la Peau (Skin Research Centre) – Inserm Unit U976 at the Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris.
Genepredict relies on a high-level scientific committee made up of doctors and researchers.


The scientific committee

The Genepredict Company is backed by a high-level scientific committee and is made up of medical doctors and researchers, some of whom are among the founder members of the company.

Pr Soufir

Professor Nadem Soufir, university professor, dermatologist, PU-PH (University Professor-Hospital Practitioner) in genetics, oncogenetic specialist.

Professor Nadem Soufir coordinates oncogenetic consultations for the North of Paris Hospital Group. He is also the director of the team responsible for research on melanoma at the INSERM unit U976 (Skin Research Centre, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris).

Pr Basset Seguin

Professor Nicole Basset-Seguin, University professor, dermatologist, PU-PH in dermatologie, specialist in skin cancers.

Professor Nicole Basset-Seguin has been professor of dermatology (PU-PH) at the Saint Louis hospital since 1998. Former director at the Centre de Recherche sur la Peau (Skin cancer research centre), she is deeply involved in research with a particular interest in new biotherapies.


Doctor Armand Bensussan, Director of Research at INSERM.

Doctor Armand Bensussan is head of the research department at the Centre de Recherche Sur la Peau at Saint Louis Hospital (Unit U976). He is also the scientific director of the Godinot institute (UNICANCER) in Reims, and has been involved in the creation of many start-ups in the cancer field.

Pr Vincent Descamps

Professor Vincent Descamps, University professor, dermatologist, hospital practitioner, and skin cancer specialist.

Professor Vincent Descamps is the new head of the dermatology department at Bichat Hospital (Paris). He is heavily involved in dermatological research, particularly in gene therapy, autoimmune diseases, and toxidermia.

Pr Florent Grange

Professor Florent Grange, University Professor, dermatologist, PU-PH in dermatology, skin cancer specialist.

Professor Florent Grange is in charge of the oncodermatology department at the CHU (university hospital centre) in Reims. He has authored many works on genetic melanomas, and coordinates the “Onchocha” network of dermatologists in private practice and general practitioners in the Champagne-Ardennes region, who are involved in the management of skin cancers.

Pr Pascal Pujol

Professor Pascal Pujol, Professor of Medicine at the CHU medical faculty of medicine, Montpellier.

Professor Pascal Pujol is head of the Oncogenetic Department at CHU Montpellier and is the author and co-author of over 100 publications. He is vice dean of the Montpellier medical faculty, and is also president of the French Society of Predictive and Personalized Medicine.